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How does Teaching work on TheFastTrick?

Get in Touch With Our Team

At TheFasttrick, we are offering you the opportunity to join hands with us as an educator and become a part of our e-learning community.

Plan your Curriculum

At TheFasttrick, we provide you the opportunity to create customized courses as per your desired audience to expand your reach.

Start Teaching and Earning

Begin your journey with moderate instruments like a PC, camera, mouthpiece, and web. Plan it expertly to upgrade your course. With each part going along with, it will make up your regularly scheduled installment.

Why Teach on TheFastTrick?

By becoming an Instructor at TheFasttrick, you can benefit from our global learner base. Our marketing programs and promotional tools can help you expand your reach. Even before you publish your course, we help you identify topics that are in demand and guide you to create engaging online courses for your intended learners those individuals whom you think will benefit most from what you have to teach. Teaching with TheFasttrick gives you additional earning potential. Some instructors have been able to leave their jobs to teach full-time with TheFasttrick.

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Who can teach on TheFastTrick?

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TheFastTrick Instructor are working professionals, experts, and subject matter enthusiasts. Instructor must have good teaching and communication skills.

Who will view my content?

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Students who are eager to learn and we already have tens of thousands of such students registered on our platform along with thousands to come.

Do Instructor need to promote their course?

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It's totally upto instructor, they also can promote the course and help us to reach to larger segment of audience.

What topics can I teach?

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TheFastTrick is an online learning community for students interested in topics such as sales, marketing, finance, personal development, and freelancing. You can construct a course based on your knowledge and experience.

Do you offer any resources for Instructor?

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Our TheFastTrick Support Team is here to answer your questions and review your test video, while our Teaching Center gives you plenty of resources to help you through the process. Plus, get the support of experienced instructors in our online community.

How can I initiate the onboarding process as a Instructor?

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Connect with TheFastTrick team Email us on – in Team will help you in your onboarding process.

Is TheFastTrick a genuine opportunity for Educators?

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As of 2022, we have over 45 thousands students and it is increasing with every passing month. We seek to provide a platform for educators. Our potential reach can help educators to get enough exposure among a wide range of audiences.

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